Zimbabwe Shona Sculpture

Christpen Karanda

Knowlton Collection
Point Pleasant, Pennsylvania USA

21.5" high
I See
With My Soul
11.5" wide
$ 600
14" high
My Special One
7.5" wide
$ 425
Chrispen (Mac) Karanda was born on August 12, 1955 in Mondoro, a rural region in Zimbabwe. The last born in a family of ten children he grew up herding cattle and working on the land. He went through the problems that any poor child would experience; lack of food, clothing and education.

Mac did odd jobs for people who at times paid him or gave him food. His fortune changed for the better when John Geddes from Cornwall, Britain saw him and decided to help with his school fees. Mac was able to return to school and resume his education. He is now working on a Masters Degree in Business Studies and is proud to be one of the very few people, if any, who have a love for the stone and is still striving to continue his advanced education.

Mac started working seriously with stone in 1999. The motivation for his art is his upbringing. It gave him a strong work ethic and taught him the value of hard work. In the beginning Mac sculpted mainly using Springstone. Later he moved to using Red Serpentine (Jasper stone) that is found only in his rural hometown.

Interestingly, the name Karanda means Servant or Slave. Mondoro, the town where he comes from means Ancestral Spirit. Mac teaches other people how to work with stone and intends to continue teaching because this is a part of who he is.

Mr. Karanda says ".....anyone who understands my art understands me. My life is protected by my spirit and I communicate through my works in stone. If you treasure my art, you treasure the person in me".

Mac has exhibited in Germany, England, the Netherlands and in Zimbabwe as well as the United States (New York, California and Pennsylvania).

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