Zimbabwe Shona Sculpture

Edmore Sango

Knowlton Collection
Point Pleasant, Pennsylvania USA

17.5" high
Strong Boy
$ 550
Basalt Serpentine
11.5" wide
18" high
14" wide
Fern Serpentine
$ 950
16" high
15" wide
Guruve Serpentine
$ 850
43" high
11.5" wide
Springstone Serpentine
$ 1,700
Close to You
29" high
10" wide
Devoted Lovers
$ 1,200
21.5" high
9" wide
Exercising Boy
Springstone Serpentine
$ 1,150
13" high
10" wide
Magic Cube
$ 650
35" high
11" wide
Thinking About It
$ 1,500
12" high
6" wide
Warm Wave
$ 375
Springstone Serpentine
Edmore Sango was born in 1977 in Chitaunhike Villlage in Guruve, a rural region in northeast Zimbabwe. Though many fine sculptors came from his village, he is also the youngest brother of world-renowned master sculptor Brighton Sango.

Completing his primary education at Nyanhungzi primary school and secondary education at Mamini High School. Edmore would stay with Brighton during school breaks. At the age of seven, Edmore asked him to teach him how to carve. Brighton told him it was a very difficult job and he was still too young.

When Edmore was eleven, Brighton began teaching him the basic proceedures of washing and sanding the raw carving which takes hours to reach a smooth finish before waxing. Next he was taught the process of waxing the stone, layer after layer, to reach a gleaming patina; finally the task of finding stone with no cracks or deep fissures; and then the final selection of the shape and color of the stone. On his April Holiday from school in 1993 drew lines on a stone and had Edmore chisel out his design. Edmore worked diligently at his brother's side watching and learning. Brighton was pleased with Edmore's enthusiasm and continued to share his stones,tools, techniques and ideas until his death in 1995. Edmore finished senior high school, moved into Brighton's house and became a full time sculptor in 1996.

He can be likened only to a young Brighton; innately gifted, whose carvings give us glimpses of sculpting genius yet to be fully realized. Edmore's ability and powerful style denotes a sophistication and capability far beyond his young age. He says that "My sculpting represents my thoughtfulness and happiness."

Now married to Charity Tavirimirwa, Edmore has two daughters, Ruvarashe and Tadiwanda Sango. Gaining national attention, Edmore's work can be found in galleries worldwide including Spain, the Netherlands, Germany, Canada and the United States.

Exhibitions and Workshops

1998: Stone Sculpture from Zimbabwe: Providence, RI
2000-2003" Stone Sculpture from Zimbabwe, Princeton, New Jersey
2001: World Art Foundation: the Netherlands
2001: Kunst in Depolder, the Netherlands
2002: Stone Sculpture from Zimbabwe, Point Pleasant, PA
2002: Enlaoe Gallery
2002: Group Exhibition, Plumer Farm, Westerkappein, Germany
2004 & 2005: Stone Sculpture from Zimbabwe, Point Pleasant, PA
2006: Stone Sculpture from Zimbabwe, New Hope Arts Center, New Hope, PA
2007: Celebration of Life, Horsham, PA
2007: Stone Sculpture from Zimbabwe, Point Pleasant, PA
2008: Stone Sculpture from Zimbabwe, Erwinna, PA
2011: Stone Sculpture from Zimbabwe, Princeton, New Jersey
2013: Stone Sculpture from Zimbabwe, Point Pleasant, PA

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