Zimbabwe Shona Sculpture

Lawrence Mukomberanwa

Knowlton Collection
Point Pleasant, Pennsylvania USA

43.5" high
$ 6,000
Springstone Serpentine
23" wide ~ 17" deep
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Lawrence Mukomberanwa: Born in Zimbabwe in 1976, Lawrence Mukomberanwa is one of the great talents among the modern Zimbabwean stone sculptors of the 21st century.The oldest living son of the late Nicholas Mukomberanwa, who was generally regarded as one of the world's preeminent stone sculptors and Africa's most esteemed artist in any medium, Lawrence is approaching the stones with a similar directness as his father did, preferably very large stones, leading to monumental sculptures with an impact.

"Mixing of Cultures" expresses his understanding as an artist and his hopes as a person for our future on this planet. He speaks out about all of us coming together in a not too far away future in a true vision of the global village, where all cultures meet and bring the best into the common ground, thus creating something of a higher quality-for the good of all mankind.

Bringing such dreams and thought into sculptures is a part of what is driving Lawrence in his quest-a true artist of the people, meaning all of us. Ever on the road towards new explorations within the possible expressions you can drive out of hard stones with your hammer and chisels, he is well aware of his obligation towards the world; his art goes directly into our hearts and minds and leave an impression, a message, if you like.

When questioned about the source of his ideas, Lawrence commented that anyone deeply involved in art looks at life around them very differently from most people. He also draws on many traditional aspects of his Shona culture for inspiration. Like most children reared in rural Zimbabwe, he holds a deep respect for his elders, often depicting them in stone. His work is among the most sought after sculpture in Zimbabwe, with local and international galleries vying for his pieces. His awards are numerous, and include a prestigious Award of Merit from the National Gallery of Zimbabwe in 1998.

Lawrence Mukomberanwa is well known in the USA, Europe and Russia, and has spent part of all Friends Forever exhibitions since the very first one in Begues, Barcelona,Spain. In 2006 he gave new inspiration to one of the most distinguished sculpting academies in the world, The Academy of Art in Moscow, Russia-when he brought the stones and the Zimbabwean tradition to the students and professors there-leading to astonishing results, and forever friendships.

Exhibitions and Awards

1993: First exhibition at age 16-Harare, Zimbabwe
1996: Finished A level (advanced) education
1997: Began training to become a pilot
1998: Received Award of Merit for sculpture - National Gallery of Zimbabwe, Harare
1998: Taught sculpting workshop -Heidelberg, Germany
1999: Received commercial flying license
2000: Group Exhibition: Naked Zebra Gallery, London, England
2001: Mukomberanwa Family Exhibition: Pierre Gallery, Harare, Zimbabwe
2001: Mukomberanwa Family Exhibition: Pierre Gallery, Paris, France
2004: Group Exhibition: Barcelona, Spain
2005: Mukomberanwa and Munyaradzi Family Exhibition-Barcelona, Spain
2006: Group Exhibition: Vienna, Austria
2006: Group Exhibition: Copenhagen, Denmark
2006: Group Exhibition: Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Moscow, Russia
2006: Taught Master classes at Moscow Institute of Modern Art, Moscow, Russia
2006: Received Honorary Diploma-Moscow Institute of Modern Art
2007: Group Exhibition: Cape Gallery, Cape Town, South Africa
2008: Solo Exhibition -Zuva Gallery, Scottsdale Arizona
2008: Stone Sculpture from Zimbabwe: Golden Pheasant Inn, Erwinna, PA
2011: Stone Sculpture from Zimbabwe, Princeton, New Jersey

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