Zimbabwe Shona Sculpture

Nicholas Tandi

Knowlton Collection
Point Pleasant, Pennsylvania USA

16" high
10" wide
10" deep
Elegant Woman
Semi-Precious Verdite
$ 3,250
16" high
Nobel Man
7" wide
Semi-Precious Verdite
$ 3,250
Nicholas Tandi a tall, powerful and handsome Shona man is one of Zimbabwe's
most versatile sculptors.

Nicholas was born on January 6, 1948 in the Bindura District of Zimbabwe.
He attended school and the Mpandira School and at the age of 17 went to
the Seventeen School of Art. Nicolas moved to South Africa in 1978 and
had several large exhibitions before returning home in 1981. Nicholas is
married and has four sons.

For the detailed realistic to the spiritual abstract, Nicholas translates the
world around him with exquisite clarity. His powerful and evocative face
carvings of the Shona people captures their innate nature. His intricate
realism portrays the wisdom and character of these gentle Africans.

Although proficient in a variety of media, including serpentine and opalstone,
Nicholas prefers to work in verdite (also known as "green stone") of Africa.,
a semi-precious stone over 3500 million years old and a very hard and
challenging medium for master sculptors. The stone is rare and beautiful.
Verdite occurs in a variety of changing patterns and shades ranging from
golden browns to rich emerald greens and blues. There is only one known
deposit of verdite in Zimbabwe and no other comparable quality anywhere
in the world. Because of its uniquely high quality, sculptures from Zimbabwe
are being sought after by international art collectors and investors for the
combination of a work of art and the intrinsic value of the semi-precious verdite.

Nicholas has exhibited his work in the National Gallery of Zimbabwe
and various galleries in and around Harare, in the Netherlands, United Kingdom,
Australia, Scotland, New Zealand and in the United States including
Washington, DC; San Francisco, California; Cambridge, Massachusetts;
New York City, Princeton University, N.J., and
the Salve Regina University, Newport, Rhode Island.

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