Zimbabwe Shona Sculpture

Richard Katinhimure

Knowlton Collection
Point Pleasant, Pennsylvania USA

18" high
Village Elder
$ 625
11" wide
Nyanga Mountain Serpentine
Richard Katinhimure: Was born in 1952 on Mount Darwin in the Guruve Region, Zimbabwe several hours north of Harare. He began sculpting at age 23 under
master carver Henry Munyaradzi in Tengenenge.

Richard barely escaped death during Zimbabwe's civil war which raged from
the early 1970's through 1981. Caught in the crossfire, he was shot eight times
and left for dead. Somehow he summoned enough strength to walk two miles for help.
To this date, he has difficultly speaking because one of those bullets severed his tongue.

Richard's voice is heard today in his powerful and elegant carvings.
He draws deeply from the traditional culture of Shona who make up more than 70%
of the 11 million people living in Zimbabwe. His work work reflects the deep connection
between the living Shona people and their ancestor spirit world.

He has returned to his birthplace in the rural area of the Guruve Region.
Here he practices his art and teaches younger cousins about Shona folklore
as well as the art of stone carving. His wife, Leah, is also an accomplished carver.

Richard Katinhimure's sculpture
is part of the permanent collection of the National Gallery of Zimbabwe.
He has also exhibited in:
Japan Pacific Asian Art Museum
Los Angeles Academy of Arts and Science; New York City; Washington D.C.
Cambridge, Massachusetts
Princeton University, Princeton, New Jersey.

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