Zimbabwe Shona Sculpture

Richard Mteki

Knowlton Collection
Point Pleasant, Pennsylvania USA

18" high
Peace Keeper
13.5" wide
Springstone Serpentine
$ 2,000
15.5" high
6" wide
Peaceful Spirit
Springstone Serpentine
$ 1,250
8.5" wide
16.5" high
Over You
Nyanga Mountain Serpentine
$ 1,850
6.5" wide
12.5" high
Springstone Serpentine
$ 925
10.5" high
9" wide
Springstone Serpentine
$ 1,250
22" high
8" wide
Springstone Serpentine
$ 1,650
7" wide
14" high
Springstone Serpentine
$ 2,250
Richard Mteki was born in Zimbabwe in 1947. Spending time in the company
of Richard Mteki is as rich experience as living with a piece of his sculpture.
He epitomizes the thoughtful demeanor that Shona people revere as a precious
human trait. One of his sons is now starting to carve under Richard's watchful
eye. He also has a number of other young people working with him as student
carvers. He works gently with them and urges them to work hard to find their
own voice in the stone.

Richard will take you in his car to see the work of other carvers that he thinks
deserve attention. He is a wonderful mentor and an astounding ambassador
for Zimbabwe's unique community of gifted sculptors.

Mteki was commissioned by the government of Zimbabwe in 1986 to carve
a monumental sculpture of the great chapunga eagle that stands outside
of the entrance of the national sports stadium in the capital city of Harare.

His work can move people to tears and it is much sought after by collectors from the United States as well as people from all over the world. Many of
his finest pieces are part of the permanent collection in the National Gallery
in Harare, Zimbabwe.

Mteki had no formal training in carving. His first work was exhibited in:
the Annual Exhibition of the National Gallery of Zimbabwe in 1965
and was also shown in prestigious shows in 1981, 1987 and 1988.

His international shows include:

Rodin Museum, Paris, France
Museum of Contemporary Art. London,UK
The Irving Sculpture Garden in Sydney, Australia
Contemporary Stone Carving from Zimbabwe, Yorkshire Sculpture Park, UK
Stone Sculpture from Zimbabwe, Millesgarden Museum, Stockholm, Sweden
International Contemporary Art Fair, Los Angeles, California, USA
Chicago International Art Exposition, Chicago, Illinois
International Gallery Invitational, Jacob Javits Center, New York City
Australia Art Expo, Sydney, Australia
The Cleveland Museum of National History, Cleveland, Ohio
Princeton University, Princeton, New Jersey

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