Zimbabwe Shona Sculpture

Tafunga Bonjisi

Knowlton Collection
Point Pleasant, Pennsylvania USA

29" high
13.5" wide
Springstone Serpentine
$ 1,450
22" high
8.5" wide
Basalt Serpentine
$ 825
Spirited Woman
11" wide
31.5" high
Springstone Serpentine
$ 1,275
Tafunga Bonjisi was born in 1982 in Ruwa, Zimbabwe and he was a twin.
His brother was named Garikal. He attended primary school in Ruwa
and high school in Tafara where he completed his education.

Straight from school his heart was set on stone sculpture.
His greatest influence was his older brother Lameck, who has since
passed away. He was a master sculptor and one of the most creative
of the second generation.

Tafunga's sculptures have maintained the essence of
the root of their stone sculpture tradition.
From Nicholas Mukomberanwa to Lameck and down to Tafunga
a tradition of style and quality has been preserved.
His sculpting career began in 2000 and under the guidance of Lameck,
his work has caught the eye of art dealers worldwide.

His sculptures possess movement which makes it dynamic
and appealing to view. He is a master of sculpting busts.
His busts stand high above the rest with long necks and emotional faces
which tell different stories from Lovers to Twins to Judges.
Tafunga loves working on cobalt, springstone and opal stones.

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Knowlton Collection
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