Zimbabwe Shona Sculpture

Taguma Mukomberanwa

Knowlton Collection
Point Pleasant, Pennsylvania USA

The Welcomer
22" high
Nyanga Mountain Serpintine
13" wide
$ 750
26" high
9" wide
$ 850
Inner Spirit
September 2015
Taguma Mukomberanwa is the last born son of the eminent
master sculptor Nicholas Mukomberanwa. He was given the name Taguma
(no more) by his parents. This humorous approach to his name has somehow
spilled into his personality; a proud family father and at the same time
a "wild boy". He is an exciting artist who creates his versions of
sculptures within the family tradition and through his own inherited talent.

He is a close observer of everything around him, an important skill for
a creator of visual arts; that makes him very entertaining and good company.
His comments are funny and pensive at the same time, and proves him
a serious man in all his youthfulness. This is very pronounced in his sculpture.

He works daily at the Mukomberanwa farm in Ruwa, Zimbabwe
where his sisters and brothers also work in a truly creative environment.

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Knowlton Collection
4961 River Rd., Point Pleasant, Pennsylvania, 18950, USA

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