Zimbabwe Shona Sculpture

Vince Rangisse

Knowlton Collection
Point Pleasant, Pennsylvania USA

11.5" high
8" wide
Kwekwe Serpentine
$ 375
Venice Rangisse: Unlike many of the well known carvers in Zimbabwe
who come from the country's predominant ethnic group called Shona,
Venice has his cultural roots in Mozambique, the land of his birth and
a former Portuguese colony located between Zimbabwe and the Indian Ocean.

Having been born into a poor family in 1959, Venice realized early in his life
that he would have to find employment to improve his situation. So, with
a job, sponsored by his employer, Venice walked six kilometers each day
to attend the Egercia School of Mozambique. There he discovered his talent
for the craftsmanship that would later pull him and his family from poverty.

At age 21, Venice moved to Zimbabwe and worked as a builder with
a local construction company. The owners of the company declined
the management's recommendation that Venice receive a bricklayer's
salary and so Venice was compelled to take a job as a cattle herder
in Shurugwa. While tending the cattle, one went astray. The owner
of the lost cattle was so angry that he fired Venice. Venice returned
to Zimbabwe and in the same year, started building houses for a living.
When Venice made a house for
Richard Mteki, he was so impressed
with Venice's skill that Mteki encouraged the young craftsman to seek
work that would require his natural talents. His continued good fortune
led him to work closely with some of Zimbabwe's leading sculptors
who recognized his gift for carving and his willingness to work hard
to master his craft. This kind of outreach made it possible for Venice
to become an apprentice and gradually move into the ranks of
a first class carver.

Venice's work depicts Ancestor Spirits and is often carved on both sides.
On the back he carves a shadow spirit, either Grandmother and Grandfather
Ancestors, who protects and watches over the family.

The artist's work has been exhibited in the National Gallery of Zimbabwe
and various galleries in and around Harare including Matombo Gallery,
and the Rumambo Gallery. He has exhibited overseas and in the
United States including the exhibitions listed below:

1993: Stone Sculpture of Zimbabwe: Berkeley, White Plains, New York
1993 & 1995: Stone Sculpture of Zimbabwe: The Montauk Club, Brooklyn, New York
1994: Stone Sculpture of Zimbabwe: Princeton University, Princeton, New Jersey
1994: Stone Sculpture of Zimbabwe: Prallsville Mills, Stockton, New Jersey
1996 & 1997: Stone Sculpture of Zimbabwe: Somerset Art Museum: Bedminster, New Jersey
1997: Stone Sculpture of Zimbabwe: Salve Regina University, Newport, Rhode Island
1997: Stone Sculpture of Zimbabwe: New York City, New York
1998: Stone Sculpture of Zimbabwe: Providence, Rhode Island
2000-2003: Stone Sculpture of Zimbabwe: Princeton, New Jersey
2004-2005: Stone Sculpture of Zimbabwe: Point Pleasant, PA
2006: Stone Sculpture of Zimbabwe: New Hope Arts Center, New Hope, PA
2007: Celebration of Life: Horsham, PA
2007: Stone Sculpture of Zimbabwe: Point Pleasant, PA
2008: Stone Sculpture of Zimbabwe: Erwinna, PA
2011: Stone Sculpture of Zimbabwe: Princeton, New Jersey

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